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 Fennec の L10N team について 次のトピックを表示
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記事 件名: Fennec の L10N team について     投稿時間: 2009年2月02日(月) 13:08 引用トップに移動

Mozilla の L10N Driver の Seth からもらった案内メールです。
Subject: Welcome to the Fennec Localization Strategy Team

Hi Guys:

The L10n-drivers team has sketched out a rough strategy for the
localization plan for the Fennec mobile browser. Because you are one of
the the early localization teams who made the effort to experiment with
the translation of Fennec, we would love to include you in our early
testing group. This group of about 10 teams will work directly with the
Fennec developers to report bugs and with the l10n-drivers to get
localizations ready for the upcoming beta release.

First off, are you the individual on your team who will be resonsible
for translating Fennec? Or, is there another member of your community?
Can you please confirm the contact by replying to this email with that
person's name and email? If it is you, then please let me know.

Also, I thought I would let you know who from the l10n-drivers team will
be guiding different aspects of the process:

** Axel (aka Pike) will be in charge of all the build and release
engineering related to Fennec. He is presently working on landing a
large patch to our build system that will enable Fennec builds. Within
the coming days and weeks, Pike will have Fennec builds visible on the
L10n dashboard. Axel is copied here and will add any comments to
further explain the leadership he is taking.

** Stas will be leading the web services and productization, working
closely with localizers and the UI developers on Fennec. He will soon
release a productization guideline for localizers via his blog and posts
to the L10n newsgroup. Stas will also help your file any bugs related
to productization and UI that you might encounter.

** Gandalf will be the main point of contact for all questions on how
to localize Fennec. He has already localized the browser using an
emulator on his machine. He can walk you through any technical pain
points you might face as you localize. In addition, he will really be
guiding the localizers in filing bugs that each of you find as you begin
to experiment.

** Look for me about communication on scheduling and larger issues
directly related to the mobile team's strategy. Together (the
l10n-drives and you), we will be able to launch a localized beta with
the Fennec developers when they are ready to release.

Each of the team member above will likely email you with some specific
information as we get closer to releasing the beta. The Fennec beta is
scheduled to be released sometime this quarter, likely around early March.

Finally, if I somehow missed someone in the community who you know is
working on localizing Fennec, please do let me know and I will quickly
send them the email.

Hope you are able to join the fun! Please send us your initial feedback
and let us know if you are able to participate.

Warm regards,

Seth, Pike, Stas, and Gandalf

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick introduction to the Fennec developer team at Mozilla. These guys are very interested to hear your feedback as you are localizing Fennec. Below are the developers and their roles:

Stuart Parmentar: Mobile Lead Developer
Mark Finkle: XUL expert, and working on everything to do with Fennec
Madhava Enros: Lead UI Developer for Fennect
Christian Sejersen: Director of Mobile

Feel free to file bugs in Bugzilla ( as you see them. The above team will be looking at everything you file. A lot of the familiar localization bugs may be spring up like dialogue sizing, word choices by developers, text/font issues, character spacing, right-to-left, etc. You all know best what to expect and the Fennec team will need your help in isolating issues to make Fennec ready for its upcoming release.

Finally, #mobile and #wince are the two IRC channels where everyone is hanging out. Please stop in and say hello to Mark, Stuart, Madhava, Christian and the team. They're eager to hear from you. :)



Fennec の L10N については取り合えず私が片手間にいじってますが、参加あるいは代わりにオーナーしたい人がいればご連絡ください。

ものはとっくに SVN にはいっているので、L10N SVN アカウント申請して、後は誰でも作業できます。
Fennec 用のドキュメントは用意していませんが、作業手順は他と一緒です:




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